Infant Montessori Environments

High quality Infant Montessori Environments need quality and appropriately sized furniture and safe learning materials. We can offer you help in selecting these items. Montessori Woods creates their Infant furniture in custom designs and sizes that are constructed with safety and beauty in mind.

Our infant furniture and suggested environments promote independence and self confidence as our babies learn to move freely to feed and care for themselves.

Because motor development is so critical to the intellectual development of the young child, Montessori Woods creates an entire line of specialty furniture that enhances motor skills. No other infant furniture vendor does it so well using real wood and classic designs. We also offer a complete infant package classroom with a deep 50% discount. Review below for your options.

Order  an entire class package for your
Infant Montessori Environment to save more

Other new furniture you might want to add to your Infant Montessori Classroom


You will need ten sturdy, shorter and lower shelves for crawling infants. We suggest that you order shelves flush to the floor, no backs, two levels and no longer than 36" long.  This allows for crawlers who pull up and through. We offer this beautiful infant shelf for $275.

Tables & Chairs

You will want to order several small individual weaning tables, cube chairs for infants learning to feed themselves. We offer these for $295 a set.


If you can use floor beds we make a stacking bed in portacrib size. These can stack for ease in cleaning the floor. These are $250 ea without mattress.

Other NEW Specialty furniture for infant environments

Bridge with steps  $725

Cube to crawl in and out with bag holders on back $359

Large floor ball roll $359

Small wall ball roll $259

Toddler Handwashing Stand $350

Infant/toddler bench

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