Montessori Specialty Furniture

In creating a Montessori classroom, you will want to order some Montessori Specialty Furniture to complete your environment. Montessori Woods offers the most extensive line of classroom furniture on the market. If you don't see it in our listing, let us know and we can make it for you.

We use the most beautiful baltic birch and maple woods for our furniture. Many of our water tables come with a natural colored laminate top to assist with water spills. We can custom size any of the items that we make.



Farm Language table $345

Metal Inset stand $175

Book Display stand $185



Bead Cabinet $349



Map Cabinet for 8 maps $295

Flag stand for 31 flags $75

Individual flag stands(5) $15

Geography folder cabinet $375

Land & water form cabinet $350

Cultural subjects and geography are important in any primary or elementary classroom. Each piece of the displayed furniture houses presentations that help the young child understand other cultures in addition to his own.


2 shelf wall rack with hooks for six children to hang jacket/bookbag $259

Bench 4' long, height is your choice $259


Practical Life Furniture

Dishwashing Table $295

Clothwashing Table $295

Clothwashing drying Rack $75

Handwashing Cabinet $225

Dressing Frame Stand for 8 Frames $125

Mop & Broom Stand $75

Flower Arranging Table $295

Practical Life specialty furniture has an important function. Click here to learn more.



Bell Cart with casters $350

Bells are so expensive-share a set with several classes this way.

Click the picture to learn more about this specialty furniture.