Help your students learn to
read and write with this area.

This shelf is designed to hold the moveable alphabet on the wider bottom shelf and display the sandpaper letters on the top shelf. The middle shelves can hold books or cards.                                       


Every Montessori classroom looks for new ways to draw the attention of the students to spending more time with writing and reading.  These six pieces of NEW Language furniture will draw the interest of the children to practice reading and writing.

1. Metal Inset stand-$315

This piece of furniture invites the youngest child to practice pre writing skills using the metal insets and colored pencils.

2. Language object box shelf  $395

This narrow shelf is for boxes that hold objects that match each letter.  We suggest this in cursive and/or regular letters.

3.Farm language table $510

Farm Language table has a drawer to hold grass, animals and cards. We can supply all of  these items, if needed.

4. Language folder shelf  $425

This cabinet has 25 slots to hold a writing folder for each student to

write daily entries.  Parents love to review these folders during visits.

5. Every class needs several of these book holders for a readers corner or a special book holder.

Primary Class Package Sale

48 Items with $1,000 discount- $10,000

16 shelves                     8 tables               24 chairs

8= 3 shelf ,26"high,48' wide     1 30" round                   12" seat

8=  4 shelf with backs                 2 30" square

                                                   5 indiv. work tables

                               Delivery comes assembled