Starting a Montessori School and need a Montessori Consultant?

You will need a Montessori consultant to help you through the maze of creating a high quality Montessori school. There are many considerations in this process if it is to be a success.

Researching the existing programs and going rates- Make no mistakes-this is going to be a business and must be approached as such. Your target audience may or may not be in Montessori schools, depending on what is available in your community. Therefore, your only competition may be local childcare centers. Therefore, check these out! Any good business owner explores the competition before starting a new business. Therefore, you will want to visit all of the preschools within 5 miles of your target location. During that visit you will want to gather information, rates and assess quality compared to what you plan to accomplish in a Montessori school. A good preschool consultant is important to your business plan.

Establishing a workable budget-Depending on what you want to do in the process to create your school, you may be looking at a cost of from $10,000 -$1 million. One classroom in your home is not going to cost anywhere near a new construction with seven classrooms. Either way, you need to establish a good estimate for a workable budget. A good Montessori consultant can help save you thousands of dollars here.

Designing a new building for the school-If you are going to go in this direction with your school, you really need a Montessori consultant to guide you and help you keep the costs down. Architects and engineers may understand childcare construction but few understand what is needed in a Montessori school. We can help you with designs that will help keep the costs lower. It is worth every dime of a consultant in helping to design and build the perfect building.

Finding the perfect site for your school-Location, location, location! Finding the perfect site for your school is critical to the success of your program. Parents want a convenient location to their home and work. I have seen beautiful Montessori schools falter because of a bad location. As consultants, we can assist you with suggestions in location for your school. This is an important aspect to success.

The environments in each classroom-Depending on the ages of the children that you propose to serve, you need to order correct size furniture and materials. Each classroom environment will have many important aspects such as; size, designs, colors of walls and floors, number or shelves, tables, etc. A Montessori consultant is very useful in helping with these important decisions.

The on-going teacher education-A good Montessori school needs certified Montessori teachers. Whether the training is one group or another is not that important. Whether teachers are Harvard or Yale graduates is not as important as making sure that they have a certificate from a recognized Montessori training organization. Most of the Montessori graduates feel that their training is the best when in actuality most are the same. Some are more detailed that others but all good training is near the same. Costs related to training a Montessori teacher are anywhere from $2,500-$6,000 so look at training carefully. Through the help of your consultant you can determine your best options.

The highest quality Montessori materials and furniture at affordable prices-You are likely going to spend $15,000 or more to furnish and equip a good Montessori classroom. There are numerous Montessori vendors in the marketplace. Some are better than others. If you do not know these vendors you can easily make some serious mistakes in size and quality in what you order. You really want to find a custom vendor who helps you with furnishings that fit your classroom size, create a flow and not build your classroom around a one-size-fits-all. Never, never rely only on what your teachers want alone. This is probably the most important reason to have a Montessori consultant help you with your orders.

The state licensing and zoning requirements-Grab onto your hat, this can probably cause the most serious headaches you will have in starting a full-day school. This is less of an issue if you consider this important to the well-being and safety of the children ONLY. These reviewers should not be mandating your curriculum ideas. A good consultant can help with these issues also.

Promoting your new school in your community-Every new school needs a marketing plan to promote their school to the families in their community. You also need to carefully consider the time of year you open and how this promotion is accomplished. Your consultant will help you with ideas for this plan.

Whether you are planning to open a new class or a new school, consider a consultant to help you with your decisions. It will be dollars well spent!

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