Montessori Upper Elementary
9-12 yrs.

Montessori Upper Elementary (9-12 years) and public schools sometimes need help with program start-up. We can offer consulting for purchasing; furniture, materials and teacher education. Our company has assisted many public school programs in what and where to order and have assisted with teacher education. We offer this consulting as a free service to help you find the best quality and lowest prices in start-up.

There are hundreds of Montessori vendors but few that offer real wood Montessori furniture, materials and specialty options. We suggest that you work with our consultant in purchasing to make sure that you order only what you need.

Our company is one of the few furniture companies that offers a twenty year history in furnishing the best Montessori elementary programs across the nation. Tell us your classroom size and we can help you supply a room that will work.

We are currently offering Upper Elementary Classroom Packages for a 50% discount. We work off of first come...first served so try and order early for the summer rush.

Montessori Public schools should take a look at our list of furniture and give us a call for help. 770-985-0771

When furnishing your classrooms seems to be a tug of Montessori Woods to help

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