Primary Montessori Classroom
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Primary Montessori Classroom Package
for 24-25 children

 Primary Montessori Classroom is designed for the 3-5 year old child, offering him or her the most stimulating environments that can be offered. Because the classroom is child focused and not teacher focused, it will operate very different. It has very specific design features that often set it apart from other preschool classrooms. If you are preparing to open a new school, you will want to consider some of these important details in your planning.

Size-Primary Montessori Classroom for 20-25 preschoolers will function best with 900 to 1,000 sq ft each.

Color-Keep your walls pale,nature colors such as beige, blues or greens. Carpets and tile also need to be neutral in color. Hardwood floors are a good choice, if you have that option.You will want to have a water-area for Practical Life spills.

Windows and outside doors-plan on as much natural light as possible, at child-sized height. Shelves will likely sit under the windows so a good height for window bottoms is not below 25" from the floor. Outside work environments are ideal if your yard permits. We can make special outdoor furnishings if you want this for your classes.

Shelves-you will need at least 16-25 shelves depending on your budget. Shelves are very important so do not cut costs here. Montessori Woods offers a three and four shelf natural birch wood unit that works well in all classrooms. You will want to order several of each to hold all of the Montessori materials. We also offer a hinged unit that has wheels for teachers who want to close shelves some portion of the day.

Tables and chairs-plan on every child having a seat during lunch, if you want to eat in your classroom. This need will dictate that you order enough tables and chairs for every child. Montessori Woods has a variety of table shapes and sizes: square for four children, round for four children, rectangle small for two children and large for six children. We often make custom size tables for the needs of the teachers in any program. We also offer either a laminate over birch top or a natural birch finish top. We can help you with these decisions when you order.

Water in the classroom-you will need a water source or low sink in the classroom for the practical life activities. If you are not fortunate to have a sink, you can plan on a water table and have a portable water tank.

Primary Montessori classroom specialty furniture needs are one of our hallmarks. You will want to add some specialty furniture items from our collection of practical life, geography, and language and other. We are always happy to help you with these decisions, based on space and budget.We have some pictures of some of these items below,

 See our price list and call us for help with your Primary Montessori classroom at 770-985-0771.

Primary Class Package Sale

48 Items with $1,000 discount- $10,000

16 shelves                     8 tables               24 chairs

8= 3 shelf ,26"high,48' wide     1 30" round                   12" seat

8=  4 shelf with backs                 2 30" square

                                                   5 indiv. work tables

                               Delivery comes assembled

Order Our new Sensorial Shelf

It is built to hold the entire line of
Montessori sensorial materials

Specialty items-Dishwashing Table

New modern look design on chairs $95
We can make to stack and any size you want.

Tables can be made in any size, with or without a natural or melamine top.

Check our furniture price list for table prices.

Soft Rug Holder

Flower Arrange Table

Look at the specialty unit for other items that can be ordered.

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