Flower Arranging

Flower arranging in the Montessori classroom is often a mystery to observers who question the wisdom of the presentation.

There are few if any preschool classrooms other than Montessori that bring the young child so close to real nature. This Montessori presentation is a unique way of teaching the beauty,smell, texture, appreciation of flowers and at the same time teaching flower parts and names of flowers.

Each table is equipped with an child-sized apron, often made from a flowered print fabric, various size vases, small water carrying bucket, small pouring pitcher,drying towel, cutting board, flower cutting equipment,and of course a bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers.

As the child selects and prepares the vases of flowers, she is exposed to something that most young children never experience: a chance to create her own beauty from nature. She prepares the vases and puts them on the other work tables at will for everyone to enjoy, and enjoy they do!

But where on earth would a preschool classroom find fresh flowers for a daily classroom presentation of this sort? When we had our schools, we found them in discount bins of grocery stores, florists and from the gardens of our children and parents. You will need to establish a fresh flower budget, but it will be less than you expect and worth much more than you will ever spend. Want to see more specialty furniture like flower arranging? Click here.