Ordering Montessori Furniture

If you are interested in discussing an order for your Montessori Furniture we have provided an interest form for your convenience. This form will alert us that you are possibly interested in ordering some furniture. We will contact you to discuss your order. If you are ready to order please send us an email or indicate in your form that you need a PO. We will fill in the PO and forward to you. Please sign the order form and send it with a check for your order to formally begin. You can also call your order into our Atlanta office at 770-985-0771.

All of our furniture is specialty hand made to meet your needs. We do our best to meet all special orders and we do not refund any money on an order once it is started. Once you place an order and pay for it, we are in production of that order and will get it to you as soon as possible. We regret any delays or back orders that might occur.

Possible interest in Purchase

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Primary Class Package Sale

48 Items with $1,000 discount- $10,000

16 shelves                     8 tables               24 chairs

8= 3 shelf ,26"high,48' wide     1 30" round                   12" seat

8=  4 shelf with backs                 2 30" square

                                                   5 indiv. work tables

                               Delivery comes assembled