Montessori Furniture 2020 Price List

Toddler Bridge $775.00

Our Montessori Furniture company offers this picture of our famous toddler bridge as an example of our high quality craftsmanship. Click the picture to learn more about Infant/toddler environments. We have furnished hundreds of Private and public Montessori environments during the last 30 years including toddler, pre-primary, and elementary schools.

When you work with our consultant to select our USA made Furniture for your school, you have chosen the highest quality in the industry with over 30 years experience in making the highest quality furniture. We use the finest baltic birch and solid oak to create a beautiful light wood furniture. Eventhough our prices are some of the lowest in the industry we still provide the highest quality furniture in the industry. Our customers are repeat purchasers, who come back year after year because of quality, service and consulting help. Call today!

Bench $259.00

Setting up a new class....Start by furnishing your classrooms with beautiful Montessori Woods Shelving and Tables/Chairs

Chair $95.00

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Specialty Furniture
Montessori Woods can make anything, any size that you need. We are one of the few furniture making companies that can do this for you.

Call us or click below for a complete list of specialty furnitures. We have a complete line of Infant/toddler furniture, primary and elementary furniture.

Delivery costs are related to distance and size of order. Call for quote.


If you need specialty Montessori Furniture - click here.

Primary Class Package Sale

48 Items with $1,000 discount- $10,000

16 shelves                     8 tables               24 chairs

8= 3 shelf ,26"high,48' wide     1 30" round                   12" seat

8=  4 shelf with backs                 2 30" square

                                                   5 indiv. work tables

                               Delivery comes assembled